Things The Pros Don’t Have To Deal With

Debris On The Putting Green photo DebrisOnPuttingGreen-1010674_zps5b59126f.jpg

The pros on the PGA and European Tours have had to deal with a lot of unusual weather this year, but even in the face of wind and rain, the crack grounds crews manage to keep things in fine condition.

Not so for amateurs at the local muni. While the fairways and greens at my favorite local track are mostly free from larger debris, twigs abound. The photo above is my ball sitting on the seventeenth green. The putt was more than a bit tricky. But here’s my theory: every twig I hit would either knock my ball closer to the proper line or away from it. Fifty-fifty chance. Hit the right number of twigs and it goes in.

I hit the wrong number. The putt missed by six inches. Tap in.

Major winter storms in Michigan left lots of heavily damaged trees in my neighborhood. They also played havoc with the trees at Green Oaks.

Winter Storm Damage photo GreenOaksWinterDamage-1010671_zps862e0c82.jpg

It won’t be long though, until all is cleared away and winter is but a memory.

Summer is coming.

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