This Has The Smell of a Woods Major Win

Tiger Woods is right where he wants to be: within four of the lead and only a couple of majorless players ahead. If the script goes as written, Tiger will continue to play consistently, the leaders will melt, and another step to Jack’s record will be in hand.

That’s not meant as any disrespect to Brandt Snedeker or Adam Scott, who lead at -10 and -9 respectively. I would love to see either of those guys win. Both strike me as genuinely nice fellows and are obviously superb players. But … history is against them.

Against them, that is, unless Tiger pulls another boner of a weekend like he did at the US Open. I was convinced after Friday of that Major that he was going to win, and he did not oblige my predictions.

In fact, none of my predictions recently have come true—indeed, the opposite seems to be the case. So I’m going to make a few more predictions.

The world will end in 2012. I will never win the lottery. My kids won’t get into Harvard on a full scholarship.

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2 thoughts on “This Has The Smell of a Woods Major Win”

  1. I had someone welch on a bet.  He was sure Tiger was going to win Friday night of the US Open.  He gave me the field, I gave him Tiger.  He wanted to bet $20, but I went down to $2.  He still owes me.

    I would not bet more than $2 on the field, but I still think the field has it.  I wish Snedeker could do it, but I think it will be Scott.  If so, hopefully, the reporters will keep the mic away from a certain caddy after the round.


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