Thoughts From The 2009 Masters

Thoughts from the 2009 Masters

This was one of the most exciting Masters I’ve watched. Fireworks all around.

The Masters does not need to end in a sudden death. It’s too important. But a US Open style 18 is too much. I’d like to see a three hole playoff. They could do 16 – 18.

I was really pulling for Perry to win, but Cabrera is a good second choice. Both are “old guys” who likely will not get another chance at the jacket.

Perry’s going to be kicking himself for months. I feel so bad for him. He clearly lost that tournament. Several makeable birdie putts, and an Eagle turned Par on 13 cost him. If he’d just played for bird on 13, he wins the tournament by a stroke. I noted such in my live blog of the tournament.

Chad Campbell lost that tournament, also. On the first playoff hole, when both Cabrera and Perry had flubbed it, he just needed to make an ultra safe play and get it on the green. Easy for me to say, I guess. But Campbell’s a professional and has to pull that shot off.

I’ll bet Cabrera quadruple checked his scorecard. No chance of a repeat of De Vincenzo and his 1968 boo boo.

Perry’s playing a very good game right now. He’s long and straight off the tee. He could contend at the US Open in two months.

Tiger made a very good run on Sunday, but when you consider the whole week, he still doesn’t look right to me. He seemed to me to be tentative.

Phil, on the other hand, very nearly played the round of his career. That front nine was amazing, and if not for the ball in the water on 12, I think he wins.

I’d really like to take a trip to play Kenny Perry’s golf course. Maybe this summer …

A lot of people who bought R9 drivers from Golfsmith are going to be disappointed with the outcome. If Sergio had won, the drivers were free. But I’m increasingly becoming convinced that Sergio will never win a Major. He’s just wound too tight emotionally. Geoff Shackleford had a couple of telling quotes from The Golf Channel: “I don’t like it (Augusta) to tell you the truth. I don’t think it’s fair. It’s too tricky. It’s too much of a guessing game. I don’t care, they can do whatever they want. I just come here and play and then go home.” While both Snead and Jones offered a similar disrespect for The Old Course, they both, of course, came to like it. I don’t think Sergio will ever reconsider.

The television coverage disappointed me a bit with all the Phil – Tiger footage. I know that they were making a run—but at no point were they in the lead. TV should show the leaders. If Tiger was in the lead we would not have seen any of the others.



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  1. Tiger brushes off the media and frowns…the media portrays him as competitive and driven. They pat him on the back and shine his shoes for him

    Sergio acts the same and the media rush to tell us that this is unbecoming behavior. I agree it is, but where is the balance???

    The Masters is the only broadcast tournament I can usually count on to not hear about what Tiger did right, what he did wrong, what he did yesterday or last year, or hear an interview of a PGA Tour player that starts with “Tiger did…”. It was a bit more Tiger then I had hoped for, but it was more controlled than other events.

    What the heck is Phil gonna do next??

  2. CBS did a fairly decent job with its coverage. I particularly liked the CBS team’s ironic comments about “how quiet” it was for the leaders while the Tiger-Phil roadshow was going on. One could tell they knew what was important from a golf standpoint, but that they had to do the “eyeball-generation” thing to keep the casual viewers tuned in.

  3. Pappy … you’re right. I do remember them saying that on multiple occasions … perhaps I don’t give them enough credit


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