Thoughts On The 2007 Masters

Some thoughts on the 2007 Masters, in no particular order:

Zach Johnson is a great story. Congratulations.

This Masters had the highest winning score since the 1950s. It wasn’t a lot of fun to watch, even with the multiple lead changes on Sunday. The problem was that the lead changes weren’t from players making charges, but from other players making mistakes.

There are a lot of disappointed players after this tournament. Going into the final round, there probably were ten to twelve with a real chance to win. And each of them can rightly say that they gave it away.

Tiger, Goosen, Rose and Appleby may be most disappointed. Each had a legitimate chance with three or four holes to go.

This Masters wasn’t about winners. It was about survivors.

Tiger is still having problems with that swing.

Zach Johnson is this year’s Ben Curtis. He’s a good player, but I don’t see this as his “coming out party.”

Tiger does not seem to be comfortable coming from behind.  There were times when I was sure he was going to cry from frustration.

Tiger was really telegraphing his moods with his body language. When he grabbed the lead, he was springing down the fairway. On the final holes, his shoulders were slumped and he was slinking along.

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts On The 2007 Masters”

  1. There was not much they could have done on Thurs thru Saturday because of the winds and temps, but the course was there for the taking today. 

    It was exciting to watch and I enjoyed it.  I would rather see more birdies, but the weather conditions prevented this.

    I think the course is still great.  The players have some long iron shots still, rather than hitting wedges to each green.  How often do they have these shots during regular tournament play?  Not often enough.

    If there was any rain during the week, the winning score would have been around 8 under.  There is still nothing like the back 9 at Augusta on Sunday.

  2. There IS nothing like the back 9 on Sunday. AND THIS WAS NOTHING LIKE THE BACK 9 ON SUNDAY! Anybody remember 2004? Phil and Ernie both shot 31 on the back. BACK TO BACK HOLES IN ONE ON 16! Random eagles by others. THATS THE MASTERS. The tournament committee was headed by Fred Ridley, late of the USGA, this year. Any wonder it played like a US Open?
    LOSE the “second cut”, remove the pines, keep the new length, and WATER THE GREENS. GIVE ME BACK THE MASTERS!!!!!


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