Thoughts On The Solheim Cup

Some Random Thoughts on the Solheim Cup

Congratulations to the US Solheim Cup team, and also to the European Team. On paper, the Euros were the weaker team, but they kept it close until the last minute.

The Solheim Cup was exciting, and it’s too bad that it wasn’t on regular television. The Golf Channel is a niche site that not everyone gets, and likely has very little “surf-by” traffic. If you’re not looking for it, you won’t find it.

Although it’s fashionable among the golf blog crowd to denigrate The Golf Channel’s coverage, it really doesn’t bother me.

Christina Kim clearly loves the event. Just as with four years ago, she was over-the-top in her enthusiasm.

I was very impressed with the play of Michelle Wie. This could be the event that signals here breakout as a all-universe player. But with the LPGA disintegrating, she may need to join the European Ladies Tour to get some regular playing time.

There was some absolutely terrific golf being played at the Cup. And as good as the competition was, it’s too bad that the LPGA as a whole doesn’t get any love.

It was Julie Inkster’s last Cup. I’m impressed with how long she has been at the top of her game.

But as Julie moves on, it’s nice to see that there is a solid core of young players. Morgan Pressel clinched the Solheim Cup with a 3&2 win over Anna Nordqvist.

Golf needs more team and match play events. Aside from the Majors, they’re the most exciting things in the game.

Karsten Solheim and Ping did a good thing in setting up and sponsoring the Solheim Cup.

I’d like to see an event with the US versus players from the Pacific Rim. The likelihood is that the Koreans and Australians would wipe the floor with the Americans.

Did you watch it? Any thoughts to add?

4 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Solheim Cup”

  1. I was impressed with Wie. After her circus of several years, she got her card and then came through big time in the Solheim Cup. I loved her approach shots on Saturday. Sunday, I thought she was going to find way to lose but she held on for a win.

    I was thinking the same thing about either opening up the cup to the rest of the world, or having a rest of the world-v-USA event. The Koreans would clean up.

    I don’t know why, but I prefer the fourball and and foursome events to the singles matches.


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