Three Holes In One In Five Rounds

A Canadian lobster fisherman hit three holes in one over five rounds at the Highlands Links course in Cape Breton. The odds apparently are 3 billion to one.

Thanks to reader thegolfmajors for the tip.

4 thoughts on “Three Holes In One In Five Rounds”

  1. Where is Jackie Gagne when we need her?

    For those who have a life outside golf, Jackie Gagne is a CA woman who claimed to have made somewhere around 20 holes-in-one over a 1 to 2 year span.  Ultimately, she was discredited by Golf or Golf Digest Magazine and she fade into history.

  2. Was she really finally found to be a fraud? The article was damning, but to be fair, the fact that he talked to eight people and none of them saw anything isn’t necessarily conclusive. Assuming she was playing with foursomes, that left a couple of dozen who might have seen something.

    I’m fairly sure if I ever got a hole in one with the guys in my league, none of them would actually be able to swear they saw the ball go in the hole.

  3. 45 years X 50 rounds (very conservative number-last year over 100) X 4 par 3’s per round (we have no drivable Par 4’s where I play most of my golf) = 9000 legitimate ace opportunities. I am not a “good” player, but no “hacker” either – index from 5.5 to 8.

    One of my golf buddies had one last week. It is like sitting alone on one side of the gym at a high school dance. But, I’m not jealous.

    Really, I’m not.

  4. Kim Jong-il, leader of North Korea, played golf once and recorded a 34 over a par 72 course.  To be fair, no one has stepped forward to say they saw him roll the ball in the fairway.  Are we to accept that golf feat at face value?

    In the same vein, do I think Jackie Gagne is a fraud?  Yes.  Anyone who has played the game of golf knows 16 holes-in-one over less than 18 months is impossible.  We are not talking about a woman who was playing par-3 or executive courses two or three times a day.  Throw in the claims to have shot 66 and 61 on a regulation course and one begins to see a pattern.

    I have no problem with someone claiming a hole-in-one with no one actually seeing the ball go in the hole; that happens frequently.  What does not happen frequently is making the same claim time after time.  Having people come out of the woodwork periodically to claim some outlandish golf feat diminishes the reputation of all golfers.  It gets the person some momentary publicity but ultimately makes golf look like bigtime wrestling to the general public.


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