Tiger vs Phil II Coming Soon

The rumored second ‘match’ between Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson has been confirmed. The pair will be joined by NFL legends Peyton Manning (Woods’ partner) and Tom Brady (Mickelson). While the exact date yet to be conformed, it most likely will occur between May 15th-24th. Sports Betting Dime’s most recent golf betting information on the Match II will be released prior the event as well as where things left off with the US Open and the Masters. An early look, however has the Woods / Manning ahead already ahead with odds at -200.

The Match II — officially called “The Match: Champions For Charity” will be broadcast on Turner Network Television (TNT). The location likely will be at an as-yet-undisclosed course in Florida.

Proceeds will benefit COVID-19 relief.

Florida makes sense both logistically and legally. Woods, Brady and Mickelson all live in Florida. Further, in an age when most states are on lockdown, the state of Florida classifies televised sporting events as an essential service. Earlier this spring, a WWE match was broadcast from Florida.

Golf certainly will have less social distancing issues than pro wrestling.

The first televised match between Woods and Mickelson took place last year in Las Vegas. Mickelson won that event on the fourth playoff hole with a birdie under the lights.

Neither played great golf. Both players struggled with their play. Mickelson was 1-up through nine, but Woods went ahead on 11 and 12. A birdie from Mickelson on 13 got him aback to even. Mickelson went one up on a bogey from Woods on 15.

At the seventeenth, Mickelson had a chance to win outright, but Woods did what Woods does: he chipped in for a birdie to win the hole.

After both players got birdies on the 18th, the Match went to a playoff. It was strange, though, with the players taking shots from a practice green.

Mickelson won the $9 million cash prize, as well as $600,000 in closest to the hole challenges.

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