Tiger Wins 82nd With Bridgestone Tour B XS

Tiger Wins 82nd With Bridgestone Tour B XS
Tiger Wins 82nd With Bridgestone Tour B XS

Bridgestone Tour B XS on Amazon

Could there be any better advertising for Bridgestone than having Tiger win a record tying 82nd tournament with the Tour B XS in play?

In truth, manufacturers like Bridgestone are fighting an uphill battle against the Titleist Pro V1 juggernaut. Not only do most Tour players use the Pro V1, but Titleist also has convinced people they should be playing it as well.

Perhaps Tiger’s win will convince some people to give the Tour B XS another look. For my part, I really like playing with the Bridgestone E12 Soft.

One thing that Bridgestone has done in developing its balls is to incorporate twelve years of golf ball fitting data, which incorporates more than 300,000 live launch monitor fittings. I often see Bridgestone doing these fittings at local pro shops and golf shows.

The Bridgestone Tour B XS features:

  • Gradational Compression core for added distance and forgiveness
  • SlipRes cover for added feel, control and spin.
  • Dual Dimple technology for more distance thanks to more efficient ball trajectory via less drag when the ball is in flight
  • Seamless Cover Technology for consistent flight and performance
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