Tiger Credits Good Luck

Tiger Woods tells the BBC:

You cannot win events without having a break here and there. “You can hit a borderline shot. It could easily bounce one way, but all of a sudden it bounces your way and ends up on the green and you make a putt. Little things like that happen. I have never played an event without having one break go my way in order to win.

No kidding. While Tiger’s skill is unparalleled, I also am often amazed at his luck. I can recall seeing more than one tee shot hit a tree and then bounce back into the fairway, or land between trees with a line to the green. When I hit a tree, the ball inevitably heads further into the woods, where it lands directly behind a tree, settling in between two roots.

Yes, you detect more than a little note of jealously here.


2 thoughts on “Tiger Credits Good Luck”

  1. I totally agree!  And why does it seem like the best players, those who don’t need luck, have the best of everyone? 

    I hit more than my share of errant tee shots, which I rarely find.  I have a friend, who plays to a 2; he will hit the same shot and walk straight to it.  It’s frustrating!

    Not that I’m wishing lost balls on my friends. Okay, I sort of am.

  2. Some of this of course is you make your own luck.  The other factor is that you see Tiger’s luck, because the cameras are on him all 20 hours he is playing a tourney.

    Of course, I still think that Tiger’s biggest luck has been that he is playing against Phil and Vijay and not against Watson, Ballesteros, Nicklaus, Player, and Palmer.  How far and straight would a 32 year old Jack Nicklaus hit a Pro V1 with a 460 titanium driver with super extra stiff graphite shaft?


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