Tiger, Equipment Change High School Golf

An article in the Canton Observer (Michigan) examines how Tiger and equipment changes have affected high school golf. Salem High Coach Rick Wilson says:

“When I first started coaching, if someone broke 80, that was a great round. If you could shoot 79 (in the early 1980s), you’d probably be the medalist in the conference meet. Now, there are kids who aren’t satisfied if they shoot 38 or 39 for nine holes. The equipment – both the clubs and the golf balls – is a lot better, too.

Heck. Rick Wilson’s teams aren’t satisfied if they aren’t breaking par. His girls’ teams shoot 38 and 39. I coached against Salem for several years when I was coaching golf at a rival local high school. His teams are always highly talented and well prepared. He’s a great guy, a superb coach and a great golfer.

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