Tiger Falls To 16 At Australian Masters

Those looking for a sign that Tiger is back on track won’t find it at the Australian Masters. The Striped One followed his 69 with a 72, and fell back to 16th in a field that consists largely of players I’ve never heard of. (Before Australian fans get angry with me, let me say that I’m sure they’re fine players all, just not ones I’ve heard of.) He’s nine shots back.

Meanwhile, with a much tougher field in Singapore, archrival Phil is six shots back in a tie for 14.

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3 thoughts on “Tiger Falls To 16 At Australian Masters”

  1. Tiger will find a swing that works for him eventually, but we’ll see how patient he stays with what Sean Foley is teaching him.  I don’t think Tiger needs a teacher any more.  He has already worked with two of the best.  Like a martial artist, he can kick out what he doesn’t like, keep what he likes, and find something that works for him.

  2. Golf is a fickle game. It takes tremendous discipline to play at the top level as Tiger has for so many years. The mess he has made of his life in the last 18 months or so can’t help but be in the back of his mind, and the more he tries to escape it, the worse he plays. And I don’t know how all that can happen.
    He has great talent but until he gets his mind in gear it’s hard to see how he can win.
    Perhaps it’s just his karma.


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