Tiger Falls To Eighth In World Rankings

Tiger has fallen to eighth in the World Golf Rankings, being overtaken by Paul Casey. More disturbing for the PGA Tour: Only one American—Phil Mickelson—is in the Top 10.

The next person to rise to number one will be Bill Westbranch, who recently won the Ann Arbor City championship and also is poised to take the Ypsilanti and Jackson, Mi titles.

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Falls To Eighth In World Rankings”

  1. Westbranch may be another symbol of how screwed up the World Golf Rankings are, I haven’t read much about him in Golf Digest.

    But I just took a little cursory look at Mr. Watson, currently #11 vs. #8.

    (These are PGA events)
    #8 has 4 top 10s in 17 events since 1/1/10
    Bubba has
    7 tops 10s in 33 events. 

    Now that does indicate Bubba has a slightly worse percentage, but also take into account, that of those 7, it includes 3 wins, 2 seconds, 1 third.  Number Eight has no top 3s (although if I remember right, he had a second place on the Euro tour to Graeme in a playoff).

    So how is Number eight still higher than Bubba?

    I am working on my own ranking system, and may be coming out with a website later this year.  I am going to give some credit for winning tournaments two years ago, but a few wins two years back will not weigh more than two wins in the past 16 weeks.


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