Tiger In Boot, On Crutches

In his tuesday press conference, Tiger mentioned that he’s in a boot and getting around on crutches. He still says he’ll be ready for the US Open, though. The boot allegedly is to protect the leg, and the crutches because his back hurts walking around in the boot.

Still boot and crutches doesn’t sound good to me.

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1 thought on “Tiger In Boot, On Crutches”

  1. He sort of left the Memorial open, although really doubtful. 

    Really?  wearing a boot – talking about the strain now on his back from the boot limp and his foot atrophy and the Memorial is a possibility. 

    Nope.  If he does that he has lost it all.  There is some hope here in Memphis that he might show for the St. Jude which is just the week before the US Open – but that won’t happen either.  Tiger has never seen this course and he wouldn’t want to come in and fail to make the cut.

    I don’t know why he is even considering the Open – he needs to drop this season and come back next year or drop the next month and focus on the British at a minimum.  He stands a much better chance at St. Andrews than he does at Congressional.


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