Tiger In Command At Cog Hill

From three back to seven up. Wow. That nine under tied the course record, and was the lowest score recorded at the Western Open since 1899.

Oops. BMW Championship. 2007.

It also put the rest of the field on notice. Tiger isn’t done yet.

After two weeks of exciting Sunday golf, you have to figure tomorrow will be a yawner. It’s a good thing the NFL is having its opening day.

1 thought on “Tiger In Command At Cog Hill”

  1. Minimum amount of club-throwing from Tiger from what I saw this weekend, (except for the time he near hit himself on the head) and I missed most of the golf today, because the Tiger-love was just overwhelming. It was like the media was trying to say sorry to Tiger for doubting Him the last few weeks.

    That Dan Hicks is a real character. Johnny laughed at the club spinning around Tiger’s head and Hicks immediately suppressed the comment. I wonder if Hick’s wife, Hanna Storm ever gets jealous?

    Meanwhile, the US Tennis Assoc, shows us all that they certainly have a handle on how to handle misbehaving players.


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