Tiger In Danger Of Missing Frys.Com Cut

Yesterday, I wrote that I expected Tiger to make the cut—I was even thinking easily—if only because of the relative paucity of talent at the Frys.Com Open. I set the bar low, and Tiger failed to clear it. He was beaten by his amateur partner by four strokes.

I still expect him to play on the weekend, but the sight of him losing balls, driving wildly and missing critical putts can’t be encouraging to Fred Couples. I’ve written that I thought Fred made a mistake in giving Tiger a Captain’s Pick, and I stick to my belief. Its true that he was playing in the rain—but then so was his partner Patrick Cantlay, who shot -2.

Tiger should withdraw from the President’s Cup.

UPDATE: I just read this: for the YEAR, Tiger is just 7 under.

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4 thoughts on “Tiger In Danger Of Missing Frys.Com Cut”

  1. In a few minutes he starts today.  It will be very telling if he is pushing to make the cut if he somehow rises like he used to be able to or if he really crashes and burns.  I don’t think he will be +2 – it will be more dramatic, either <-5 for the day or >+5 for the day. 

    I don’t think he will drop out from the presidents cup, unless he does call “injury” today in a big blowup.  I wonder even if Tiger were to miss the cut with a +8 if Fred would even want him to.

    If he fails here and fails at the Australian Open, what then for Couples?  The idea that Freddie made the Tiger pick more than a month before the deadline is stupid.  Even with Keegan, it showed that those decisions should take their time.  I would probably still pick Keegan, but by the end of the FedEx cup that drama had faded a bit, and you had Snedeker also on the bubble of automatic qualifying. 

    So what of the President’s Cup rules.  If Stricker and Woods were to drop out now or three weeks from now, does Freddie just get to fill the team back up with more of his own picks?

  2. I don’t think he will play again if he doesn’t win a Euro or PGA event by the end of the TOUR Championship 2012.

    I just have to think that if he can made more in investments, interest, course design, and a few remaining sponsorships than #5 on the moneylist, I think he will just say that he is too hurt to play and leave it at that forever.  I just can’t see where with his past triumph how he could continue to tee it up.  It is like Jordan’s last go with the Wizards, it just became sad enough that MJ just couldn’t do it.

    Maybe Tiger will take up baseball.  The Birmingham Barons might have a spot open for him.


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