Tiger is 62 In The Official World Golf Rankings—And Look Who’s Ahead Of Him

Given the last decade and a half of professional golf, the current World Golf Rankings are a bit of a wonderment. Tiger Woods, who had carved a plot out of the wilderness and built at cabin at the number one spot has fallen to 62nd.

That’s right. Sixty Second.

Everyone who is anyone in the professional game is ahead of Woods, as well as some people that no one but the most ardent fan will recognize: Mikko Ilonen,  Alexander Levy, Danny Willett. Anibar Lahiri, and Joost Luiten.

At this point, Tiger won’t qualify for the World Golf Championships at Doral. A player needs to be in the top fifty for an invite to that event.

Woods has won that WGC event seven times. He has four wins at Doral, most recently at the 2013 WGC Cadillac event. This will be just the second WGC event for which he has failed to qualify.

I’ve never been a fan of the formula behind the World Golf Rankings. The two year span of the points system, with a “decay” at the trailing end does not offer enough volatility for my tastes, nor reflect the actual, current state of affairs. It is as if baseball teams would get into the playoffs based on the last two seasons’ performance. Golf on a meta level would be more exciting if players each week were fighting not only for a tournament title, but also jockeying for position in the rankings.

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