Tiger Is New Hero Brand Ambassador

imageI suspected something was up when Hero Motocorp signed on as the title sponsor of Tiger’s World Challenge. An India-based motorcycle and scooter manufacturer seemed like an odd choice to sponsor a Florida golf tournament. I thought that something else had to be in the making.

Now it all makes sense: On Dec. 2, Hero announced that Tiger would serve as their international brand ambassador.

Americans likely won’t be familiar with Hero, because as far as I can tell their bikes are not sold in the United States. The hiring of Tiger may be intended to change that, though.

For the curious, here’s the short story of Hero:

Hero dates to 1956, when it was started as Hero Cycles by two brothers, Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal and Pawan Munja. By 1975, it was the largest bicycle manufacturer in India. In 1983, the company signed a joint agreement with Honda of Japan, becoming Hero-Honda. That agreement ended in 2010, and the Hero Group has subsequently purchased Honda’s shares.

Hero Motocorp is currently the largest motorcycle and scooter manufacturer in the world.

Association with Tiger Woods is not Hero MotoCorp’s first excursion into golf. The company has been the sponsor of the Indian Open Golf Tournament since 2005. It also sponsors field hockey and cricket tournaments.

I do hope they open outlets in the US. I have long wanted to buy a scooter for short trips around town. I like this one from their catalogue:



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