Tiger is Number 3

Tiger is Number 3.

Wow. I never thought I’d write that line. With his victory at Abu Dhabi this past weekend, Martin Kaymer has jumped over Tiger into the number two spot in the world rankings. Lee Westwood still holds down the number one position.

Graeme McDowell is number four, while Mickelson is left in slot number five.

For Tiger, the good news is that this weekend is at Torrey Pines, a track he absolutely owns. He has six Farmers Insurance/Buick Invitational wins there, as well as a US Open. I don’t know enough about the math to speculate on whether a win there would get him back to number two or in first, but it can’t hurt.

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3 thoughts on “Tiger is Number 3”

  1. Ok. Now I see it. 

    Looking at how many points they gave for the HSBC, I can’t see where Tiger wins and gets over Kaymer.  Not knowing the point values for the tournament, I would think that if Kaymer wins 2 tournaments by June, Tiger would have to win 3 and do well in others to regain his 2nd spot.

  2. You must look at a different site than me for this news.  I was looking at OWGR.com, and for 1/24, it still has Tiger as #2.  So my assumptions about numbers may be wrong.

    But looking at the other numbers, I would think that if Tiger were to win, depending on what Kaymer does, Tiger would go to #2.  Westwood is #1 regardless, he is getting too far ahead for one win, perhaps for two wins by Tiger even if Westwood is not getting any points in that timeframe.

    I didn’t miss a single math question on the ACT or GRE, but this World Golf Ranking hurts my head (although if I could find the data, I would love to create a what if spreadsheet on it)

    Tigers wins start rolling off in March, but actually as I read it, a win doesn’t roll off in just the 104th week, a player loses 1/91th of it’s value every week after 13 weeks—TIger’s oldest win only is worth about 8/91 of it’s original value (which I also can’t find what each tournament is worth, but it is probably about 30 points, so that oldest tournament is now only 3 points of Tigers 290 points anyway.


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