Tiger Meltdown Watch

I’ve been following Tiger’s fourth round progress at the Bridgestone on the PGA Tour’s site. After plunking the ball in the water on 16, he’s +7 for the day, and 18 over par for the tournament.

He’s in next to last place.

Too bad this isn’t on tv.

It’s over. Tiger is +7 for the day, +18 and in next to last place for the tournament.


Another addendum:

Watching the highlights … Tiger hit a spectator near the green with an errant shot. He went to the guy, gave him a signed glove, shook his hand, and after he holed out, tossed him the ball. Very nice. I’m pretty sure old Tiger would have had Stevie threaten the guy.

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3 thoughts on “Tiger Meltdown Watch”

  1. Henrik Stenson had the class to finish on an even 20 over par. A nice round number.  I wonder what his week would have been if Allenby hadn’t withdrawn.  They were to have been paired together and Stenson had to play with a marker the first two days. I wonder if the marker threw him off somehow.

  2. “I’m pretty sure old Tiger would have had Stevie threaten the guy.”

    More like Steve would’ve offered first…


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