Tiger On Asian Goodwill Tour

imageFollowing his near miss at The Masters, it seems that Tiger is off to China and Korea for a series of events designed to promote the game of golf—especially to youth—and to strengthen the Nike brand in Asia. It’s called the “Make It Matter” Tour. The trip also was originally supposed to stop in Japan, but given the circumstances there, that’s been postponed.

I’m all in favor of practically anything that seeks to grow the game of golf. And Asia, with its rapidly improving economies, is certainly a growth area. But that’s not to get too excited about China. While parts are booming, the country for the most part is incredibly poor. Its per capita GDP ranks in the mid to high 90s (depending upon who’s calculating it), at about $4,300. Total GDP shows China generating about $5 – $6 trillion, behind the US value of $14 trillion and slightly ahead of Japan’s $4 – $5 trillion. But you’d expect that with a population of a couple billion. A more useful look at the wealth of China may be using GDP with purchasing power parity, which would put it at about $10 trillion to the US $14. But, again, given the population, that’s not much.

But it doesn’t hurt anyone or any interest to get a foothold in such an emerging market.

If you’re interested, you can go to their facebook page. The full press release follows.

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