Tiger On His Ryder Cup Prospects

Tiger’s post-round interview on his Ryder Cup Prospects

Do you want to play in the Ryder Cup?

Not playing like this. Definitely not playing like this. I wouldn’t help the team if I’m playing like this. No one would help the team being 18 over par.

Would you pick you if you were the Captain?

I think I can turn it around. We’ve got a lot of time between now and then.

I’m actually feeling sorry for the guy. In the press meeting he looks totally defeated.


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2 thoughts on “Tiger On His Ryder Cup Prospects”

  1. With his remark that there’s plenty of time between now and then (considering I believe the selection takes place after the PGA next week), it sounds like he wants Corey Pavin to pick him for the team, despite all of his assurances that he was planning to earn his way on to the team. Another selfish act on his part.  He’d be taking a spot away from a player who really did earn the pick.  And really, what kind of confidence would the team have knowing how bad he’s been playing? You can’t count on him.

  2. It would be insanity to put him on the Ryder Cup team.

    Mayhan is going to play himself into the autopicks with the finish today. 

    For the 4 picks, I would probably go with Cink, Fowler, Holmes, B. Watson.

    They are probably not in consideration, but I would love to see T. Watson or Freddie picked.


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