Tiger Pool Thread—Where Will He Play This Year?

At the suggestion of loyal reader Martin, I’m opening a Tiger Pool Thread, where we can all place our virtual “bets” as to where he’ll play this year.

Martin’s bets: The 4 majors, the Arnold Palmer, The Players, Memorial, WGC-Bridgestone—then the Cup events.

I’m going with a similar thought, but I think he’ll play a nearly full schedule: Palmer, Masters, Players, Memorial, US Open, AT&T, British Open, The Greenbrier (can he resist being the first winner there, in Sam Snead’s old stomping ground on his way to passing Snead’s record?), Bridgestone, PGA, and the Cup events.

Add your bets in the comments

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8 thoughts on “Tiger Pool Thread—Where Will He Play This Year?”

  1. Thinking about it last night, there’s three options:

    1. Apology and a limited Tour

    2. Apology and a season off.

    3. Apology and retirement from the Tour.

    And yeah – I thought about the Cups. I’m still not sure.

  2. I’ll go with seven:

    Palmer, Players, Memorial, Masters, US Open, AT&T, Bridgestone.

    Greenbriar is a possibility; the reasons GB stated are tempting. But – it’s a new venue and a course unfamiliar to Woods. If this is a possible ‘reputation-rehab season’, then he might wait until next year to play it.

    I’m not sure he’ll play the Cup events.

  3. I thought AT&T also – but AT&T dumped Tiger. 

    The Cup events are iffy, but since my guesses are also based on the guess that I at best I think he wins one major (most likely the Masters), and he will want to prove something by winning a third FedEx Cup. 

    I just can’t see him subjecting himself to the crowd more often than he wants, and he didn’t really want to play that much last year.  The crowds will be brutal and Tiger will not relish a negative limelight.  His temper will be in full view.  He might control his bed hopping, but the club throwing and cursing are another thing entirely.

    Another guesstimate – it is Tiger’s last year on the tour.  Next year he will play on exemptions for whatever stops he wants and he will play the majors.

  4. Now there’s a thought, Martin. What fun it would be if Tiger uses tomorrow to announce that he’s resigning from the Tour? I’ve said for years that he’ll drop off the Tour sooner rather than later. He doesn’t need them, and can exist off sponsors exemptions and his Majors exemptions and still take Snead and Nicklaus’ records.

    Then he can play in Europe, China and the Middle East for appearance money at will.

  5. Oh, I don’t think Tiger will announce he is leaving the tour tomorrow (but that would be hilarious).  Finchem is one of his few friends these days.  But if I am right about him playing only 4 PGA Tour events + the Cup (and + the (non-PGA) majors), it will be pathetic that that the PGA tour lets him use the headquarters for this media event and at the same time upstage an actual PGA tourney happening on this weekend.

  6. I don’t think so either, but can you imagine the look on Tim’s face?

    Honestly, given the totally tin ear of team Tiger, I expext he’ll just make a lame apology and then go on as if nothing has happened.

  7. You are gonna need a new thread.  Masters at least is definately out.  The Memorial might be a first, but I doubt it.  It sounded as if he was pretty genuine and golf is not much of a priority at all.

    Maybe the 12-events I listed you can just put down for my 2011 guess.


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