Tiger Says EBay Clubs Aren’t His

Tiger Woods says that the golf clubs recently offered for sale on EBay are not, in fact, the ones he used to win the Tiger Slam. Those, he claims, are stored in the garage.

Seriously? In the garage? Like a regular guy? I’d figure that a guy with a 35,000 square foot house would have a Bat-Cave-Like trophy room. I know I would.

Whatever the case, the clubs have been pulled from Ebay.

I suspect, though, that even if they WERE authentic, Tiger still would claim otherwise. He’s been shown to be extraordinary jealous of his name and likeness, especially where he’s not getting a cut of the profits. It’s long been rumored that he waits until the last minute to enter an event so that the sponsors can’t use his name to promote their tournament and charities.

But I don’t blame him. After all, his good name and reputation is, in the end, all he really has to offer. Oh. Wait.

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1 thought on “Tiger Says EBay Clubs Aren’t His”

  1. I wonder if the 9-iron from that set is what bashed in a window of an Escalade.

    I can see it being in the garage.  It is probably a very nice garage.  In the case he wanted to go out and play with those clubs, do you think he would want to drag them through the house to get to the car?

    I need to build some shelves on the wall of my garage to hold golf bags, or maybe I should just build racks to hold clubs.  It is a pain to shuffle clubs from one bag to another to make up the bag – if I just had the clubs laid in one long row, it would be easier to find which wedge, hybrid, wood, or driver if I wanted to try a temporary change.  The drawback would be having them so visible my wife could see that I have about 50 clubs, when only 14 can be used at a time.


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