Tiger Says He “Blew” Masters

A small look at where Tiger’s head is:

“I had a chance and looking back over the week I basically blew the tournament with two rounds when I had bogey-bogey finishes”

Tiger expects to win. And if he doesn’t, it’s not because someone else played better. It’s because he gave it away.

Note To Tiger: Zach Johnson also had his struggles, like the three putt from three feet on Friday. If he makes that birdie, he beats you by four.

The bottom line is that, for this week, Zach Johnson played better golf over four rounds than the mighty Tiger Woods.

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1 thought on “Tiger Says He “Blew” Masters”

  1. I was very dissapointed by Tiger’s comments (“I threw it away.”). Is he becoming so ego centric, so aware of his role in the history of the game, that he can’t give credit to someone who played better? Usually he’s very gracious. Not this time.

    Maybe he was just fatigued. I hope so.


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