Tiger, Vijay Respond to Wie Disqualification

The Golf Channel has a roundup of different player reactions to the Wie disqualification. The consensus seems to be that the DQ was warranted, but that the timing was all wrong.

“I’ve never been a big fan of that,” Woods said Tuesday when asked about people outside of the ropes calling violations. “But unfortunately it’s part of the game. And the problem I thought, it was a day late with Michelle.”

“I think it was really fair of the guy who did it. It (just) should have been handled differently; he should have called it before she signed her scorecard,” said world No. 2 Vijay Singh.

Sean O’Hair offered himself as an example of how it should have been handled. Apparently during the WGC-American Express Championship two weeks ago, playing partners Singh and David Toms brought to his attention a bad drop before the round was over, allowing him to avoid signing a bad card.

I have to agree with many of the players that it’s the timing of the thing that makes it look so bad.

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