Tiger Virtues Book

Tiger Virtues

I spotted this in my local Borders yesterday. Could there possibly be a more inapt title?

4 thoughts on “Tiger Virtues Book”

  1. The sad thing is that there are probably millions of people who still think Tiger has some virtues.

    I feel bad for the author but at least the book was written in 2005 – before any of this came out.

  2. it is for sale for 1 cent on amazon used ($4.00 with Shipping).  If I could order multiple copies and pay shipping only once, I would have prizes for the last place team in this years golf tournament.

  3. I’m the author of this book and I was as shocked as anyone by all the revelations that Tiger isn’t exactly virtuous.

    But my book was about all the amazing things you could learn about life from watching Tiger PLAY GOLF. The things he does as a competitor – preparation, clarity in chaos, resilience – have been true since he was a teenager and will surely still be evident in his golf when he comes back.

    Yes, Tiger is diminished as a role model. But one of the central tenets of Buddhism – which Tiger used to practice and on which my book is largely based – is that we as humans are not perfect and should never aspire to be perfect. It is more important to be open to experience and learning. I think Tiger will do this and come back stronger than ever – at which point my book should get a bump in price up to 2 or 3 cents.

    Alex Tresniowski

  4. I wonder if, after all of this, we don’t come to realize that what we all (myself included) thought we saw in Tiger was just an illusion. In retrospect, we should have seen it: the club throwing, the peevishnessn etc. All were signs that our idealized version of Tiger was just that.

    I don’t honestly think hell ever be the samen as a media star—or as a golfer.


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