Tiger Wins Again

Tiger is having a remarkable season thus far, with his second victory in three PGA regular event starts. And who knows what he would have done at the Nissan if he hadn’t been sick. So he’s two for two in events that he’s finished. If you count Dubai, he’s three for three.

And I’m feeling like a dope for not taking him on my Fantasy team. I had Mickelson and Garcia instead.

A couple of observations about Tiger this weekend.

First, he’s got to be one of the luckiest men on the planet. Villegas misses the fairway and he ends up behind a banyan tree (twice). Tiger misses in the same direction and still has a shot at the green. Other players hit a sand trap and their balls die. Tiger hits a sand trap, and the ball skips out to settle in a good spot on the green. Even more lucky: had he missed the trap, his ball would have skpped completely across the green and off the back side.

Second, no other player seems to be able to handle the pressure of challenging him. Mickelson, Beem and others simply self destructed. Toms had a shot at forcing a playoff at least, but couldn’t close it out on the 18th.

The Ford Championship had 17 of the World’s Top 20 in attendance, and only Toms showed up to play. Els was the next closest at seven shots back.

So in truth, Woods didn’t have to play his Sunday best to walk away with a “W.” And with that kind of competition, he might not lose again this year.

I’m thinking out loud here, so bear with me:

According to Woods’ web site, he’s currently scheduled to play in ten more events this year, including the Ryder Cup. I’d guess that he’s also going to play at Bay Hill, the Byron Nelson, the Western Open, and the Buick Open. So I’ve got to figure out the best way to allocate my nine slots against those events. The four majors are mandatory starts for Tiger, as is the WGC-Bridgestone at Firestone CC. I think I should start him at Bay Hill, also.

So that leaves me with three more Tiger starts. And I think I’d like to use them (except for one) before the PGA Championship. After he wins the Grand Slam by taking the PGA, he’s not going to want to play any more that year.

The worst situation, I think, is to end up with one or more potential Tiger starts unused.

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  1. Why is it that when you read on Espn.com golf site they say oh Tiger doesn’t win like he use to, but then they say it’s still impressive.  Please pick one side of the fence.  Oh by the way a win is a win and it all goes into his bank account all the same.  It doesn’t matter if you win by one stroke or twenty they don’t give you any more money for more strokes that you dominate another player.


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