Tiger Wins. Ho Hum.

Els and Austin teased us for a while, but the end result was exactly as expected. Tiger won the PGA and the TV commentators had a Woodsgasm.

I hate to be petty, but I’m getting tired of Tiger Woods.

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Wins. Ho Hum.”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly…as I always say, “ABT…Anybody But Tiger.”  It reminds me of when Jeff Gordon was dominating Nascar. Fans started to become uninterested.  Thats why The Masters, US Open and Open Championship were so interesting this year.  You didn’t know who was going to win until the last putt dropped into the cup…

  2. It is pretty cool to see Tiger play, but I agree too.  I would say that Tiger is one of the best contributors to the LPGA for this very reason as well.

    But it really isn’t Tiger, is it?  Jack at one time dominated the game, but it wasn’t total domination.  There was much closer parity.  Plus there were plenty of other superstars playing in those years.  You could have other players rise to the occasion to play better golf than Jack, even when Jack was playing well.  Now it seems that Tiger has to be either not playing, or playing poorly (for 2-3 days in a row) for someone else to have a chance. 

    Again, he is one of the best things to happen to the LPGA, and I can’t wait until I can see the ladies play on ESPN or the networks in HD with some regularity.  The picture quality is the only reason I am still watching PGA.


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