Tiger Withdraws From The Masters

Facing increasing criticism and new revelations from Vanity Fair magazine, Tiger Woods has withdrawn from the 2010 Masters.

From Tiger’s website:

In consideration of the distraction that my presence would cause to fellow players and to the members of Augusta National, I have decided to withdraw from the 2010 Masters Tournament. I have decided that it would not be fair to any eventual winner to have their historic victory overshadowed by the media circus that undoubtedly will follow my return. The Masters should be about history and the tournament, and not the personal issues of any one player.

I also have decided instead that my return will be the following week at the Verizon Heritage at Harbourtown Golf Links, a tournament which for the moment has no 2011 sponsor. I hope that my presence there will encourage a corporation to step up to the plate and become a sponsor of that great tournament, benefiting the charities of South Carolina.

I hope that this is the first of many steps that I can take to become more giving, open and accessible to the fans and to the media. And I hope that they accept this gesture as an act of contrition on my part for any distress I have caused.

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5 thoughts on “Tiger Withdraws From The Masters”

  1. I knew it was a joke, and then after a moment I had to go and look for myself just to make sure.  I am a dope.

    In actual news, Couples is going to be playing a practice round with Tiger on monday in Augusta.  Really?  Assuming that Fred plays throughout this weekend, and doesn’t everyone- he won’t take one day off?

    Also Couples revealed that Tiger has been sending him text messages of golf jokes.  I would think that Tiger really needs to turn off his SMS messaging.

  2. I saw the headline, I paused for a second, and then the date registered in my slow moving brain.  Well done.


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