Tiger Withdraws From The Players

Tiger has withdrawn from The Players after nine holes. He was six over.

“The knee acted up and then the Achilles followed after that, and then the calk started cramping up,” Woods said. “Everything started getting tight, so it’s just a whole chain reaction.”

Too much, too soon.

Might he be better off today if he really had taken off the extended time he threatened after the scandal broke?

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4 thoughts on “Tiger Withdraws From The Players”

  1. I think Tiger will need to rethink his game from the ground (tee) up.  He’s the original bomb and gouge player.  All that torque extracts a price on men and machines.  What if he were to dial back the bomb, focus on the finesse (always a strength), and reintroduce serious middle iron play to the pros?  That could be fun.

    He’s not going to get the distance back and if he tries to keep up with the kids he’s just going to leave pieces of himself on the fairways of the PGA tour.

  2. Cutting down his distance isn’t much of an option, IMO.  If he is coming into greens from 170 out, you can’t target the flag to stop it close and even with a high percentage on the green.  You can chip a few in, you can make a few long putts, but it cuts out your birdie chances by a bunch.  He is 6 years younger than phil and already doesn’t have the distance.  BTW – phil is with Harmon and has quite a bit of weight on Tiger- why isn’t his knee blown out?

  3. I don’t think that the amount of time he took off last year was the problem.  I think that when he said he would be out a couple weeks back, I thought it would be Memorial.  When I saw him on the field for this week, I thought well maybe that injury thing was an act, but I thought it was much more probable he was coming back to quick.  Now the Memorial probably is shot – maybe well past that.

    How much time off did he have?  And did he play a full round before today? 

    The swing change was Foley, I mean folly.  Tiger was desperate to make it look like Hank was the problem and to show Hank up- and that was stupid.  You get a million things on your mind and lets add to that changing your swing.  And lets treat you like a weekend hacker by having your coach follow you around with a camcorder in front of the public – that is rookie crap.  Bubba was right in his analysis. 

    Perhaps what Tiger needs to do at this point is to really take off the year – Sometime in September or s0—go kiss Hank or Harmon and make up and rebuild it – in private and without competition and come back next March.  (and I think he need to go to Harmon, who will both kiss his butt, AND be honest and forceful with him at the same time)

  4. For me, it’s more evidence that Jack’s record is safe—for all of human memory.

    The knee is a good excuse for Tiger to take a year off and work on things.

    I think Hank’s a no-go. He’s his own celebrity right now. Harmon might come back.


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