Tiger Takes On Slow Play

The Player Who Is Without Peer says that the pace of play on the PGA Tour is too slow:

In a recent newsletter, Tiger Woods said: “It’s been an ongoing problem on the PGA Tour for some time. I honestly believe the pace of play is faster in Europe and Japan.”

Woods’ comments may have been prompted after he played against JB Holmes, who is known as one of the slower players on the PGA Tour. These comments also come in the wake of media reports blaming the decline in the number of golf rounds played on slow play.

4 thoughts on “Tiger Takes On Slow Play”

  1. Is it really that slow on tour though?  How long does a round take?

    I agree that 4:15 is a little long for regular public/private rounds.  Today, my fivesome finished in 4 hours, 2 walkers, 3 riders, and it was cart path only—and we waited on 1,2,3,4, and 5.  The slow players must have dropped out at 9, because the back nine was speedy.


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