Tiger Woods Savaged By SNL

Its not the disappointment of his fans that’s going to hurt his image. It’s that he’s become an object of ridicule. Especially if the Jeter fantasies and S&M stories turn out to be true.

People being angry with you is one thing. People laughing at you is another entirely.

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13 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Savaged By SNL”

  1. Have you noticed all the bad golfing puns relating to this whole mess? “Is the media out of bounds in its treatment of Tiger Woods?” … “Another woman tees off an accusation …” Of course I also expect to see things such as “Tiger’s in the rough,” and there’s been plenty of items along the lines of “Tiger can drive a golf ball farther than he can drive a car.”


  2. The look on his face at the Stanford game said it all, when they booed him. He is not used to it, and it hurt him. He is only used to “get in the hole”. And I understand Florida Jags mascot did a skit about him being chased by Elin, too.

    The media has led him to believe he is bullet-proof. Was that why he did all this…because he thought he could get away with it? In the end, his kryptonite was women.

    Certainly, golfers like Sergio and Monty hold no illusion about their public persona. They have been ravaged by American golf media for years, with little outrage or opposition. Daley, too, And remember the comments from Tiger about Phil’s man-boobs? How everyone laughed at Phil with Tiger.

    Tiger’s arrogance just makes mocking him now more understandable, but not right. The reason I see it as wrong is because of his wife and kids, not because it hurts Tiger.

    The sooner he agrees with Oprah to do her show, the quicker we can all get on with our lives. But I wonder will Stevie keep his job? If Elin and Tiger work this out, will she want Tiger around all his “knowing” buds who are complicit in all this, or will he have to “clean house”?

  3. I don’t think he really cares about the marriage. If he did, there wouldn’t be half a dozen mistresses. Elin, if she had any scruples, would dump him right away. He has put her own health at risk with the sleeping around. That he has had to pay her to stay speaks volumes.

  4. Get ready for it, because if you think the ridicule is bad now, wait until his first event. Unless they stop allowing patrons to get absolutely smashed on sponsor suds, (like that is ever gonna happen) he is gonna hear things he (and we) never dreamed of. A US Open this year at Bethpage Black would be the “must-see” event of the year. Can you imagine New York fans with Tiger and Phil in the same pairing after all this? LOL!!

    Those “get in the hole” types are not the refined, understanding, knowledgeable golf fans that seem to have disappeared from PGA events lately. They know no loyalty, and they will eviscerate him. Stevie will be in so many fights, he’ll look like one of hockey’s The Hanson Brothers, LOL.

    Tiger better wait until Augusta national to make his first appearance. Patrons there are a bit more like golf fans should (and used) to be. And there, Tiger is not treated like royalty or better then others by the media under the Green Jacket control…that “elevated above others” treatment would be something that flies in the face of all this and would just add fuel to the fire created by Tiger’s letting his entourage down so hard. The golf media have had it easy up to know…their job just got a whole lot tougher.

  5. Is Oprah really trying to get him on?  It might be a big mistake for him to do that.  Oprah may be really rough on him for two different reasons 1) because he was unfaithful to his wife, and 2) because of the race thing – black women were not crazy about Tiger being with a white woman to start with, let alone him being with 7.

    He might want to just go the Leno or Letterman route, or perhaps just avoid that completely. 

    I don’t think it is going to blow over.  There will be no way to stop people in the gallery from making comments – it will only take one person on one teebox with the right comment to make Tiger go batsh*t crazy.  He wears his emotions on his sleeve anyway, and there are enough people out there who were waiting for some fault who will be more than eager to get that line at Tiger which will make him throw a club, or launch into a tirade or something. 

    I am 20% closer to being right that Tiger is not a lock to beat Jack’s major record.

  6. And I’m even closer to being right in my long-held belief that Tiger is actually BAD for the PGA Tour (although its not his fault). The Tour’s reliance on one man—with the inflated purses, expectations, etc. that come with it—I had logn predicted would come to haunt them. I thought the day of reckoning would come with a sudden withdrawal from all but the Majors, though. I didn’t think that he would take them down with a soap opera life.

  7. I doubt that anyone ever suspected that a week of Tiger’s life would look worse than one of John Daly’s bad weeks.

  8. I have also believed that the tour’s reliance on just one golfer was detrimental to the tour. But then, no one should ever elevate anyone to godlike status, no matter who they are, be it a President, an athlete, a teacher, a police officer.

    And my opinion on the future of the marriage – no one will believe they are trying to work things out or anything after 6 or more women have been named by the press.  No one would believe it after 3 women.  I can’t imagine any wife staying with a husband after all of this and if she does, then she’s only asking to be hurt even more.  I feel really bad for her and the kids. She should walk away, move back to Sweden with the kids and just to make his life even worse, allow the media to take a few pictures of her crying on the way to the airport.  The media will love her more and hate him more if she sheds a few tears.

  9. Tiger is just mad he got caught….He is a dirtbag with little respect for his wife and family . He is going to have a hard time playing golf when people will be cracking jokes with a cative audience. You reep what you sow… He should have talked to Charlie Sheen , Charlie had a cast of hundreds in his bed but I can’t tell you any of their names because they were hookers. What an Idiot….but at least he is a really rich Idiot.


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