Tiger Would Miss Open For Child’s Birth

Tiger Woods says that he would miss the Open Championship to attend the birth of his child.

There are 156 players out there hoping for just such an event.

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5 thoughts on “Tiger Would Miss Open For Child’s Birth”

  1. I’ve always wondered about that. In my father’s day … and in my grandfather’s … men were not welcome anywhere near the birth. They were relegated to smoking in the waiting room, or in the case of a home birth, assigned a useless task like boiling water to keep them out of the way.

    Now in the modern world, women DEMAND that their husbands be there.

    I was there for the birth of one of my kids … and elsewhere for the other. I don’t feel any different about either one. But I can say that being in the “birthing room” was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. Gross.

    I was happy to have permission to miss the second event.

  2. And in completely unrelated news, both Vijay Singh and Phil Michelson scheduled appointments with Elin Woods’s ObGyn to discuss induction options.

  3. He should not play.  Being at the birth of his first child is much more important than another trophy on the shelf.  But as a fan, lets hope that the little tiger cub comes before or after Open week.

    7 wins!  Way to go Tiger.  Keep it going.


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