Tiger’s Cross With The Media


Tiger held a press conference tuesday to support his AT&T National at Aronomink tournament later this season. But before he took to the stand, he posted two bizarre Tweets, first promising to donate $1 million if no one asked about his leg, then sarcastically calling the press his “best friends.”

This is either an angry and resentful man or a comic genius.

I’ve never thought of Tiger as funny. My bet is that he’s angry with the way the previously fawning press now treats him like any other player. But as a former PR guy, my biggest question is: Who lets him do these things? Is there no one in his camp who has the guts to tell him expressing this sort of seething resentment of the media is a bad idea?

I hereby volunteer to be Tiger’s Court Jester. In medieval times, the Court Jester was the one person who could tell Royalty the truth and get away with it. I’ll work cheap. For $150 grand a year and a ten year contract, I’ll travel around with Tiger and tell him the things others are afraid to say.

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  1. You know I think Mr Camping had something with the Rapture thing on Saturday. Believe or not I’m actually feeling nice toward Tiger at this moment. I think the end of the world is coming.


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