Tiger’s Doc Charged With Peddling PEDs

It just goes on and on and on …

Tiger’s doctor has been charged by Federal prosecutors with giving performance enhancing drugs to NFL players.

But Tiger says he didn’t get any such treatment from the Doc. But why, then, did he have to go all the way to Canada to find a doctor to treat his injuries? Surely there was an adequate physician in Miami, or Atlanta, or at the Mayo Clinic, or the University of Michigan, or Johns Hopkins, or in New York or …

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1 thought on “Tiger’s Doc Charged With Peddling PEDs”

  1. Like you said, Tiger says that he didn’t use any PED from this doctor.  And if there is one thing you can bank on, it is what Tiger says. 

    If Tiger wants to build some credibility here, he should ask Finchem and the PGA to release all the dates and results of Tigers drug screenings for the past two years.  My guess is that can’t happen because Tiger wasn’t randomly screened, he got the minimum once per year on a schedule, or not at all.


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