Tiger’s New Swing Book Review


Tiger’s New Swing: An Analysis of Tiger Woods’ New Swing Technique

Grade: C

In Tiger’s New Swing, John Andrisani, Golf MagazIne Senior Editor of Instruction takes a critical look at the swing changes that Tiger has made over the last couple of years. It’s an interesting book, and a quick read. But I’d suggest that you get your copy from the local library.

Since Tiger and Hank Haney aren’t exactly giving in-depth interviews about the swing, Andrisani relies on photos, interviews with former Tiger coaches and the help of some big name instructors. He breaks down the various components of Tiger’s swing—from grip to setup to backswing to finish—attempting to pinpoint exactly what has changed.  I’m not sure I can buy into all of his conclusions, though. For example, he says that Tiger has a more upright swing, which contradicts what I’ve heard other analyists say. For that reason, I can’t really give it a better grade than a “C.”

That said,  the overall direction of the book seems to fit in with what I’ve heard others say: that Tiger is working on a swing that requires less timing and thus is less susceptible to breakdown.

For those looking to incorporate some of Tiger’s new techniques, Andrisani offers some tips and drills. It’s not really an instuction book, however.

However, if you DO want to imitate Tiger’s new swing, I’d suggest that you take a look at a book by his coach, Hank Haney: The Only Golf Lesson You’ll Ever Need: Easy Solutions to Problem Golf Swings

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