Tiger’s Temper On Full Display

I was playing golf Friday, so I missed the television coverage, but an article by Steve Elling in CBSSportsline doesn’t sound encouraging:

While playing one of his weakest rounds in memory, Woods had missed four consecutive birdie putts from inside 13 feet as he stood on the fifth tee, his 14th hole of the day. Then he shoved his drive dead right into the trees and violently flung his mercurial driver clubhead-first into the turf and was darned lucky it didn’t snap off at the hosel.

The club sprung several feet into the air and spiraled into in a wetlands area several yards away, where caddie Steve Williams spent several awkward moments looking for the club as his boss strolled past, still fuming. Luckily, the grip of the club was spotted sticking up out of the weeds, and Williams used Woods’ trademark Tiger driver headcover to deflect the sticker branches away from himself as he waded 10 or 15 feet into the hazard to retrieve the club.

Moreover, as Woods spiked the club, he screamed two coarse and unprintable expletives at himself, followed by, “release the club.” He meant at the point of impact, of course, not after the ball was long gone. He had no problem accomplishing the latter.

Tiger finished that round seven back of Steve Stricker and Jim Furyk.

If Tiger doesn’t look out, he’ll acquire the same reputation as Tommy Bolt. I’d love to know what the fine will be for this one. Not that the billion-dollar man cares.


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