Tilley Winter Hat Review

Tilley Winter Hat

Grade: A+

I wrote about the Tilley Airflo hat in an earlier post. Cool and stylish, I think it’s the perfect hat for summer play.

But it just won’t do for cold weather. In the winter, you need to keep your head warm.

Fortunately, Tilley also has a winter hat. Made from soft, comfortable wool, it comes in several tweedy colors — perfect for the fall or winter.  It’s kept my head warm on many winter golf outings.

So why not just wear a stocking cap? They’re warm, and they are lots cheaper.

The first answer is style. Stocking caps are ugly.

But that’s not enough. The Tilley also has a wide brim that keeps the sun off your face — you can get melanoma from winter sun just as surely as from summer rays.  The front and back of the brim slope downward to help keep the cold wind out.

Tucked inside the crown are pull down ear flaps and a forehead cover. I find that the ear covers are adequate, but not great emergency ear muffs. I’ve never actually used the forehead cover, but it comes down out of the front to warm you down to your eyebrows.

There are other nice details. There’s a secret pocket in the crown — just large enough for your id, a couple of credit cards and some money. A tuck-away tether will keep it from blowing away in a strong wind.

The fit of the hat is perfect, thanks to Tilley’s precise measuring instructions. The Tilleys are the only hats I’ve every owned that fit exactly. It sits comfortably on my head — held on, as Tilley says, by gravity, not by constricting my temples.

Buying a Tilley is an investment, and investments need to be protected. All Tilley hats come with a lifetime guarantee, and a two-year loss replacement program.

Buy this hat. You won’t regret it.

And no, I don’t get paid by Tilley. But if they wanted to send me a hat for the nice reviews, I wouldn’t turn them down. smile


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