Timeline of Woods Injuries, Surgeries, Coaches and Wins

With the most recent Tiger Woods injury, I began to wonder if there’s any pattern in his injuries, swing changes, coaches and wins. Pulling information from a dozen different sources, here’s what I’ve been able to construct:


1993: Tiger begins working with Butch Harmon while still an amateur.

1994: Undergoes left knee surgery to remove two tumors (benign) and scar tissue. The following year, he repeats as the winner of the US Amateur.

1999: Laser eye surgery is performed to correct eyesight. He reportedly was nearly legally blind prior to this.

1999 – 2002: During this injury free time span, Woods wins 27 tournaments, 7 Majors.

2002, December: Woods has arthroscopic knee surgery. He returns to the Tour in February 2003 and wins three of his first four starts.

2003: Tiger begins work with Hank Haney as swing coach. Butch Harmon is out.

2003 – 2006: Cumulative win totals: 20 wins, 4 majors.

2007: A second round of eye surgery is scheduled to correct deteriorating vision.

2007, July: While running on a golf course, Woods ruptures the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. It doesn’t seem to bother him, though. He wins five of his last six, including the PGA Championship.

2007: Final Totals for the 2007 seasons – 7 wins, one Major

2008, April: Woods has more arthroscopic surgery on his left knee, following a second at The Masters. Doctors apparently decide against repairing his Achilles Tendon.

2008, May /June: Doctors tell Woods that he has two stress fractures in the left tibia and should take six weeks off. Adding to his legend, Woods wins the US Open in a playoff, playing on one good leg. More left knee surgery follows and he misses the rest of the 2008 season.

2008: Final totals for the 2008 season—4 wins, one Major.

2008, December: Woods reports that he again has ruptured his Achilles Tendon as a result of knee surgery rehab.

2009: No major injuries reported. Woods wins six tournaments, but no Majors.

2009, November: The scandal breaks out. Tiger hasn’t won since.

2010, May: Tiger and Hank Haney part ways.

2010, May: Citing fears of a bulging disk in his neck, Woods withdraws from the Players Championship in the final round. It turns out not to be serious and he doesn’t miss any playing time.

2010, August: Woods begins working with Sean Foley.

2010, December: Cortisone shot in ankle to ease pain from Achilles Tendon

2010: No wins.

2011, April: In trying a heroic shot at the Masters, Woods slips on the pine straw and again injures the left knee. The injury is described as a minor sprain of medial collateral ligaments and of the left Achilles. He misses the Wells Fargo, which he had been scheduled to play.

2011, May: Woods withdraws from the Players Championship after nine holes.

2011: Still no wins

A couple of things stand out for me. First, I think it’s clear that that it’s the knee that has laid Tiger low. In retrospect, playing in the 2008 US Open was pure hubris. He won, but it may have been a Pyhrric Victory.  The second is that analysts should perhaps lay off Sean Foley. He simply isn’t working with the same Tiger Woods as Harmon and Haney. Finally, I wonder why in focusing on the knee, his recurring Achilles Tendon problems are ignored. Perhaps it is that the Achilles is a relatively minor issue, compared to a knee. Someone with a medical degree will have to fill me in on that one. But his history seems to show that he has at least as much trouble with that as his knee.


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4 thoughts on “Timeline of Woods Injuries, Surgeries, Coaches and Wins”

  1. So Azinger is on Morning Drive today and proclaims that even if Tiger went for a full replacement, he will topple Jack.  My question is Azinger smoking street crack, or is it a special blend?

    As most every other analyst noted in the last 24 hours, Tiger is playing with a torn up body much older than his 35 years.  Welcome to what we have been saying on this board for 3 years now.  Add to that a torn up head.  The mental toughness he was so famed for wasn’t even that- it was just ego.  Did he ever come back to win a major he wasn’t leading after 54? No.  Now his head is really toast along with his body.

    The question this morning was- more likely to win zero or five majors?  Bogus choice- and too easy.  I choose one or two majors- which I still think he can.  It will take years- and he has to nurture his body soul and mind.  He must take off the remainder of this year and tend to his injuries.  He must find an honest doctor and NOT play until that doctor gives a full go ahead.  In the meantime, he needs to work on self. 

    If he will do that- he would win again, probably in 2012.  Maybe a major then.  But history indicates he won’t do that.  It would take a strength he doesn’t possess to do that kind of work for himself.

  2. You’re absolutely right about the fact that the media just now is catching up to us. I’ve heard that “old 35” mantra quite a bit in the last couple of days.

    I think one more Major at best. He’ll back into one or someone will lose it. But he’s not going to WIN any more.

  3. Jack shouldn’t have won #18.  He certainly didn’t HAVE to win it.  When Tiger gets that mindset, if he heals enough, he will win.  But the media saying that Tiger has 44 majors since Jack last won at 46 is just funny.


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