Titleist Balls Continue To Dominate

I find it amazing the extent to which Titleist golf balls dominate the scene. At the US Open, 100 of 157 players playted Titleist.

What are they doing that the other companies aren’t? It’s clearly not all about the quality of the ball: I think that the Maxfli Black Max is the equal of the Pro V series—and other reviewers agree. And other manufacturers seem to have balls that are the equal of others in the Titleist lineup.

There is something about their durability, though, which is the main reason that I play Titleist. I think they last longer—hitting a tree or cart path is not an automatic death sentence for a Titleist ball. With my budget being limited, durability is a large consideration.

But that can’t be an issue for the pros—who get their balls free.

Anyhow, Titleist has released the following press release, detailing the number of balls played by each major brand at the US Open:


Fairhaven, MA (June 21, 2005) – The longest running success story in golf continued at the 2005 U.S. Open Championship, where for the 57th consecutive year, the superior performance and quality of Titleist golf balls were the choice of more players than any other. At Pinehurst #2, where the most accomplished field of professional and amateur golfers worldwide gathered to compete for one of the game’s most prestigious titles, an overwhelming number of players relied upon Titleist, the #1 ball in golf.

In the 156-player U.S. Open field, 100 of them chose Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls, more than five times the nearest competitor with 18.

Callaway 18
Nike 16
Bridgestone 8
Srixon 6
Hogan 4
Maxfli 3
Dunlop 1

Following the second major of the year, Titleist continues to outperform all other golf balls on the 2005 PGA Tour with 12 official wins, more than twice the nearest competitor, and across the worldwide professional tours where Titleist has been the choice of 70 champions, more than all other golf balls combined.

The momentum of the Titleist golf club franchise continues to grow as well. At the U.S. Open, Titleist was the overwhelming choice of more players in the utility iron (9), putter (55) and wedge (101) categories and a strong second in drivers (28) and iron sets (29).

Titleist, FootJoy and Cobra comprise the major golf brands of the Acushnet Company, an operating company of Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE – FO). Titleist, Cobra, FootJoy, Pro V1 and Pro V1x are trademarks owned by Acushnet Company. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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