Titleist DT Carry and DT Roll

Titleist DT Carry Golf Balls

Titleist DT Roll Golf Balls

Titleist has introduced two new versions to its venerable DT line: The DT Carry and the DT Roll.

Both versions are two piece balls with large, soft Polybutadiene cores. A “Staggered Wave Parting Line” reduces any potential effects from a seam. The covers are stamped with markings to help with putting and tee alignment. There’s no word on the compression.

The major difference between the balls seems to be in the number of dimples. The DT Carry has 252 dimples, which Titleist says will result in higher ball flight. The DT Roll sports 392 dimples for a more penetrating flight.

I like the thought. My shots the past couple of seasons have had very high trajectories, and surely are costing me yardage. I plan on testing out the DT Rolls the first chance I get.

Which may be a while. It just keep snowing here in Michigan.

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