Titleist DT SoLo Golf Ball Review

Titleist DT SoLo

Grade: A

The DT SoLo golf ball is Titleist’s offering in the low-compression golf ball revolution. It’s turned out to be my favorite golfball of the summer.

It’s probably not the best ball that I’ve played in any single category. It’s not the longest …. or the straightest … or the one with the highest spin … or the softest feeling. But it’s pretty good in all of those categories. But then again, there are several other that fit in the "pretty good" category.

There are two things that are the deal breaker for me with this ball:

1) I love the way it putts. I have no problem judging distance with it, and it rolls true. And,

2) It’s Titleist tough. I can play one of these balls for several rounds without getting cuts, gouges, or even those little strings that annoy me so. I can’t say the same for some of the other brands I’ve played.

It’s a top quality ball at a reasonable price. You can pick up a dozen in many places at just around $20.

The only downside: I don’t think I hit these as far as I hit other balls. But I’m willing to live with that. I like the feel.

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1 thought on “Titleist DT SoLo Golf Ball Review”

  1. I have hit some of the top balls on the market and have to say they feel like rocks compared to the way this ball hits. I grabbed on out of my bag on accident once and never put it back smile


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