Titleist Hand Warmer

Titleist Golf Cart Handwarmer

I bought one of these recently for cold weather rounds with my golf league. When I’m walking, I keep my paws warm in the Push Cart Mitts attached to my cart. With a couple of Zippo Hand Warmers tucked inside, my hands stay warm until that brief moment when I pull a club and take a swing. Even playing barehanded as I do, my fingers never get cold.

The league is a different story. We all ride, and there’s quite a bit of standing around waiting for others to take a shot. For that situation, I think the Titleist Hand Warmer will be perfect. I can easily tuck my hands inside when riding along or waiting. There’s even a zippered pocket on the top, into which I think I may be able to drop of of those aforementioned Zippo hand warmers to keep the whole thing a bit toastier.

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