Titleist NXT – NXT Tour Golf Balls

I have liked all of the incarnations of the NXT ball over the last couple of years. And this year’s model is the Golf Digest 2006 Hot List Editor’s Choice for a value performance ball. They call it the “working man’s” Pro V1.

I’ve generally liked the NXT, and have played it during various stretches. But I typically prefer a softer feel, and when I play a Titleist, it usually the DT So/Lo. I probably am a little longer off the tee with the NXT, but I feel more comfortable with a softer ball around the greens.

For me, the best thing about all of the Titleist balls is their toughness. You can pop them off trees, skip them up cart paths, and richochet them off sprinkler heads and they stilll are playable. I have yet to see another ball that can survive as many rounds as a Titleist.

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