TiVo and Golf

I’m sitting here watching the Mercedes Golf Championship on ESPN, and one of my sons distracted me while Tiger Woods was taking a shot. The bad news is that, unlike other sports, golf doesn’t seem to do replays. The good news is that I have TiVo. I just hit the back button a couple of times and watched it again.

My television viewing has been revolutionized since we got DirectTV and TiVo. I watch what I want, when I want. The “season ticket” function—which sets the machine to record particular shows whenever they air—is especially useful. I now get to watch shows that I’ve always wanted to see, but missed because they were on at awkward times.

It may seem like I’m watching more tv, which is definitely NOT a good thing. What I’m doing is not watching as much junk filler. When I’m ready to chill, I don’t have to flip around to find the best of the bad things on at that time. I can to to the “Now Playing” list and watch something I wanted to see, but didn’t have time to watch at the time.

Best of all, I get to watch more golf. The Euro tour always seems to be on at times that I can’t possibly watch. With TiVo I can ignore the time zone issues.

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