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imageFor some time now, I’ve been a fan of a site called Woot. Each day, Woot offers up a single item for sale—generally electronics, but sometimes other items, including golf clubs. The sale ends when the last of that item in the warehouse is sold, or when 24 hours has passed. Then, with each new day, a new item is offered.

It’s a brilliant marketing strategy, because it draws people back every day to see just what Woot has in its current offer. And it’s fun. Woot’s descriptions of the sale items are entertaining and irreverent.

A marketing strategy that brilliant is not going to go unnoticed. A new site called Today’s Cigar takes the Woot concept and applies it to the old golfing staple: Cigars.

I have to confess that I’ve never actually smoked a cigar (or a cigarette or pipe either), but all of my friends do—especially when golfing. And I can tell when they’re smoking a good one or bad.

If you’re a cigar smoker, this site is, I think worth a look.

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