Tom Rex Jr. Wins 2016 GAM Senior Championship At Belvedere Golf Club


Tom Rex, Jr. is the winner of the 2016 GAM Senior Championship
Tom Rex, Jr. is the winner of the 2016 GAM Senior Championship

Local Favorite Tom Rex Jr. Wins 2016 GAM Senior Championship at Belvedere Golf Club

CHARLEVOIX – An emotional local favorite, Tom Rex Jr. of Charlevoix, emerged the champion of the 30th GAM Senior Championship presented by Omni Kinetics Tuesday at what he calls his home course, Belvedere Golf Club.

“Words can’t describe what this means to me,” the soon-to-be 64-year-old said after shooting a 1-under 35 and winning by three shots. The field of age 55-and-over golfers played a modified nine-hole set-up for the final round in the rain-shortened championship hampered by heavy rains in the morning that made part of the course unplayable.

“I’ve tried so hard to win another GAM championship,” Rex said. “My only one was a GAM junior tournament in 1970, so I’ve been trying to do this for a long, long time. This is very special to me.”

Rex was tied for the lead with a 2-over 74 through Monday’s wind-whipped round in sunshine, and emerged with a 1-over 109 total after a lengthy rain delay and the final round being shortened to play on the upland holes (holes 1, 7,8,9,10,11,12,17 and 18) of the storied course.

He beat Ken Chicka of Shelby Township, who carded a final 37 to go with his first-round 75 for 112.

Five golfers tied for third at 113, including Pete Walz and Steve Maddalena of Jackson, Ed Vomastek of Traverse City, Mark Ochsankehl of Grand Rapids and defending champion Mike Tungate of East Lansing.

Tom Strand of Traverse City emerged the Super Senior Division champion among the golfers over age 65 in the field. Strand shot a 70 in the first round and closed with a 41 for 111. Ben Benson of Pontiac was second with a 40 for 113.

Rex, known in the Charlevoix community for his work with youth in golf and other sports, said he played well with three birdies against two bogeys in the final nine, and said a little luck helped him win.

“So many people talked to me about winning this thing because it was at the home course, but you know, you have got get a little lucky. There are so many good players in Michigan. I probably played in 20 (Michigan Amateurs) over the years here. I grew up in Birmingham, was in the steel business in Detroit and then in Chicago and retired and moved up here.”

Rex said a little oil was leaking from his game he finished up on the No. 18.

“I rolled a little grounder with a 7-iron,” he said. “I thought that bogey might do me in because I had no idea what anybody else outside our group was doing.”

Strand, 65, thought he might be in trouble with his 41, but his 70 from the first round gave him enough cushion. The Detroit native who lives in Traverse City six months and Austin, Texas, for six months, was playing in his first GAM event ever, and played Belvedere for the first time in the first round.

“I played well this first round and enjoyed the course and tournament tremendously,” said the retired mechanical contractor. “I have to thank my friend Chuck Edwards. He got me to play in this. He plays in GAM tournaments all the time. I’m going to play more.”

Belvedere hosted the GAM Senior for the fourth time since 2004, and has also hosted the Michigan Amateur Championship 40 times, most recently 2014 and 2003. From 1963-88 it was the annual host.

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Final Results

GAM Senior Championship Results 2016

Championship Results     
PlacePlayerRD 1RD 2Total
1Rex Jr, Tom7435109Champion
2Chicka, Ken7537112Runner Up
3Ochsankehl, Mark7637113
Walz, Pete7439113
Tungate, Mike7736113
Maddalena, Steve7538113
Vomastek, Edward7538113
8Hughes, Dan7638114
Zeller, Greg7935114
Evoy, Richard7737114
Stauffer, Tom7737114
12Miller, Brian7639115
Didato, Joe7639115
Anderson, Doug7441115
15Carson, Bob7640116
Fugenschuh, David7640116
Kohlmeier, Guy7937116
18Barbour, Jim7740117
19Bach, Jon8137118
Vaughan, Larry8137118
21Barbour, John7841119
Hundhammer, Paul7940119
Slater, Mark7940119
Kelmigian, Mike7742119
Gottlieb, Jeff7841119
Simmons, Donald8336119
Reifert, Fritz7940119
28Reinholdt, Gordon7941120
29Fedewa, Mike7943122
30Schultheiss, Roy8043123
Thaxton, Gary8340123
32Parker, Michael8440124
33Goldstein, Steve8441125
34Piunti, Nick8343126
Armstrong, John8046126
Craft, Steve8343126
37Boyea, Shawn8443127
Parks, Steven7948127
DeHaan, Tom8740127
40Markel, Butch8644130
41Donohue, Daniel8946135
42Mullett, Don9245137
Jahn, David89WD
Smoker, Dennis77WD
Guyselman, Tim82WD
Martin, Stephen78WD
Van Assen, Craig87WD
Borio, Ed83WD
Kohn, Mike82WD
Sheak, Jeffrey P85WD
Potter, Keith80WD
Jakubowski, Jim86WD
Martindale, Brian81WD
Montgomery, Louis88WD
Zylstra, Bill78WD
Thomasma, Dave88WD
Klein, JeffWD
Atkins, Michael96WD
Benham, Dave89WD
Rye, JonathanWD
Roberts, TimWD
Smith, David86WD
Djurdjev, Fred85WD
Beer, Joseph82WD
McIlraith, Glenn87WD
Sophiea, Doug85WD
Seehase, Dave91WD
Banks, SteveWD
savoie, don88WD
Provot, Phil80WD
Mann, Mark86WD
O'Neill, Mike83WD
Koepke, JamesWD
Perrine, Ron77WD
Peck, Martin81WD
Kragt, Bob90WD
Sowles, Michael87WD
Price, Richard89WD
Erickson, ScottyWD
Stefanek, Gregg81WD
Knudson, Jeff79WD
Rymiszewski, Gary78WD
Bartnick, David82WD
Emsley, Ray80WD
Harris, IanWD
Davies, J.B.WD
Jones, Steve94WD
Roehrig, Robert86WD
Petrovich, ScottWD
Kohlmeier, Jace86WD
Kalo, John85WD
Mason, Michael83WD
Emmers, Jim82WD
Longeway, Dan86WD
Cohn, Tom84WD
Herpich, Rick79WD
Jeske, StephenWD
Davis, Stephen79WD
Cleary, TomWD
Hegarty, Jim89WD
Furlong, KevinWD
Super Senior
PlacePlayerRD 1RD 2Total
1Strand, Tom7041111Champion
2Benson, Ben7340113Runner Up
3Gallagher, Thomas7344117
4Engelman, Mark7544119
Quitiquit, Gary7841119
6Gordon, David7743120
7Rietema, Dan8239121
Kempner, Dave7645121
Wirtz, Jim8140121
10Dyl, Tom8043123
Gregg, Daniel8142123
12Tabor, Dennis8242124
Abernathy, Terry8341124
Fiedorek, Paul8044124
Johnston, Claud8143124
King, John8341124
Bachtel, Dick8143124
18Meyer, Rick8342125
Camalo, Craig8441125
20Kukes, Mike8244126
21McQuarrie, Neil8445129
Blank, Dick8643129
23Sippell, Bob8942131
24Knight, Tom9043133
25McTear, David9145136
26Savage, Ken9049139
27Kuhl, Roger75WD
Olah, Vic80WD
Pratt, John85WD
French, John82WD
Vandermass, Bill80WD
Jackson, Mike83WD
Saputo, Pete80WD
Guyselman, Charles88WD
Flanigan, Peter83WD
Kostrzewa, mike80WD
Moore, Tim85WD
Riegel, Al82WD
Edwards, Charles80WD
Behymer, Fred85WD
Stapleton, James87WD
Paski, Robert87WD
Doerr, Pete81WD
Rector, Brent99WD
Cunningham, Kerry90WD
Downs, Thomas84WD
Avildsen, Howard86WD
O'Donovan, John95WD
Dillon, George79WD
Glotzhober, Robert83WD
Richart, John78WD
Krupa, Gary82WD
Welsh, Rod85WD
GAM Senior Championship Results 2016



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