Too Much Sex Can Be a Bad Thing….For Little Tigers Too


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), following their strategy of gaining attention by causing controversy, says it plans to put up the above billboard in a location near Tiger Woods house. That is, if they can find a billboard company that’s willing to do it.

They needn’t bother. The image and story is now all over the internet, and on the national news, as thousands of gullible writers (myself included), get sucked into the joke.

I think the PETA people are insane, but this is funny.


Steve Elling reports that PETA has abandoned its plans after talking to Tiger’s lawyers. As I said. The needn’t bother. The publicity surrounding the non-story has made their point.

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  1. haha yeah I had to comment on this.  it is a funny billboard, I just finished watching a morning snippet about it, and in a U.S. enterprise society, all’s fair and good I guess.  Great stuff.


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