Too Much Travel For Pierre Fulke

Pierre Fulke, a three time European Tour winner is retiring from golf at the age of 36.

“I’m not tired of golf but I’m tired of the travel,” Fulke told the Swedish Golf Federation’s website. “It feels good to sleep in my own bed. Now it’s time to explore other areas in golf. I’m involved in several new projects in Sweden as a course designer.”

The article really doesn’t go into any more details of Fulke’s decision to quit, but what’s left unsaid speaks pretty loudly: It’s not all fun and games on the Tour. I imagine that unless you’re one of the elite players—with a private jet and a “posse” to serve at your beck and call—it can really wear on you. Trying to squeeze in as many eents as possible means that you are living out of your suitcase in an endless procession of hotel rooms and wasting much of your life waiting in line at airports.

I can see that after a while it would simply cease to be fun.



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