Top Flite Gamer Review


Top Flite Gamer
Grade: B-
Teacher’s Comments: I got a very high flight and lots of carry from the Top Flite Gamer.

Anyone who has been playing golf for a couple of decades knows of the old reputation of Top Flite balls as “Top Rocks.” Originally made by Spalding, the brand was sold to Callaway in 2003, and subsequently to DICK’S Sporting Goods in 2012. Simply put, the Spalding Top Rocks of yore are not the DICK’S Sporting Goods Top Flites of today.

The Top Flite Gamer is a three piece ball with a soft core and a HPF mantle layer. In this, it seems to be a bit like the higher end Top Flite Gamer Tour. The difference seems to be that the Gamer has an ionomer cover rather than a urethane.

Top Flite Gamer
Top Flite Gamer

As with the other Gamer models, the Top Flite Gamer from DICK’S Sporting Goods features a dimple-in-dimple design. The intent is to maintain spin, creating maximum distance and loft. Turbulence, created by the dimples, is what keeps a ball aloft.

Off the tee and from the fairway, the Top Flite Gamer had a lot of carry. I’m no Iron Byron, so consistency on swings across tested balls is always an issue, but I am convinced that the flight of this ball is higher than both my usual orb and the other Top Flite Gamer models (the Tour and the Soft) that I tested.

That height, though, came at the expense of some roll, and I found myself leaving the ball a little short on occasion.

Play round the green is perfectly acceptable. That’s where my game really shines, and I was very comfortable with the results.

I liked the feel of the Top Flite Gamer less than the Gamer Tour and Gamer Soft. It still has a much better feel than a pure distance ball, though.

The Top Flite Gamer is priced at $19.99 a dozen, and the current deal offers two dozen for $30.

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